Mark Anderson of Boise, Idaho is getting his own TV show on the Food Network Channel called "The Grill Dads."

Anderson along with his buddy Ryan Fey who lives in Los Angeles were recently on Guy Fieri's reality tv show competition called "Guy's Big Project" and guess what?  They won!

Their strong personalities along with that extra special magic caught the eyes of the Food Network and now they've locked in a deal for a 6-episode-season of a show called "The Grill Dads."

When the Food Network asked where they wanted to shoot the show they both said Boise.  So they shot an episode at The Boise Fry Company and everything's just kind of taken off from there.  You'll also see these two "Grill Dads" at the St. Lawrence Gridiron and The Basque Market.  

The gist of the show is two dads checking out little known restaurants and eatery hot spots around the entire United States of America.  Cool thing is that they're starting right here in Boise.

You can check out "The Grill Dads" on the Food Network every Friday at 7 p.m.

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