On the morning on Wednesday, April 5th, the "media world" in Boise, the LGBTQIA+ community, and frankly, the city as a whole, lost one of our best friends and neighbors.

In the world of radio, television, and print--it's rare you come across a soul as kind and genuine as Theresa's. Since 2005, Palmgren was a video expert at KTVB, Idaho's News Channel 7. If you ever had anything to do with "the news", you encountered Theresa.  If you, like us, would marvel at the late Larry Gebert's live shots around town--odds are it was Theresa behind the camera bringing it all together.

Please take a look back at some of our favorite photos of Theresa

A Look at Boise's Love for Theresa Palmgren

A friend to all, Theresa Palmgren passed suddenly on the morning of April 5th, 2023. These are a few of our favorite photos of our friend.

Live events will not be the same without our friend. 


In a business where so many of us are desensitized to tragedy and are used to working in cutthroat environments--no matter how unhealthy they may be at times--very rarely will anyone ever meet someone like Theresa.

Theresa was known for a lot of great things--but professionally, her love for her job was unparalleled. She loved working at KTVB, she loved being in the community and had such a skill for capturing moments and images with the camera that always told the perfect story on television.

Theresa loved her friends. She loved animals. She loved the Treasure Valley. Theresa simply loved to love.

Theresa and I shared our Catholic faith--in which we actively cheered for a decreased emphasis on rules and dogma, and an increased role in social justice: welcoming the stranger, going to the margins of society to serve the poor and marginalized. Preaching the Gospel and rarely using words.  Theresa did these things naturally. I often said "I wish the church would take a few notes from you, Theresa". She would laugh--and if only she knew how serious I was.

Nobody gave a hug like Theresa--who never knew a stranger. A pillar of "behind the scenes" magic, Theresa always referred to the on-screen and on-air folks as "the cool kids". Theresa will always be the coolest kid that any of us in the business ever knew.

The last time that we saw Theresa at work, it was on the dock at Lucky Peak--New Years Day--filming the Make-A-Wish Polar Plunge. It was the first year without Larry Gebert, it was her day off--and she shared with us how important it was for her to get that footage in his honor. Amazing.

If you never knew Theresa Palmgren, we encourage you to think of those "Theresas" in your life and tell them you love them today.

For those of us who mourn the loss of our friend Theresa Palmgran this week--may we all go forth from this tragedy and be a little more like T. The world could use it these days.

To our friends at KTVB, all of us at 103.5 KISS FM are sending you our deepest sympathies.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about our friend Theresa, inside of KTVB's write up on her career & their favorite memories--their video production highlighting her is amazing. It can be viewed HERE

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