I remember the very first day I crossed over the state line into Idaho. I had just gotten a radio job in Boise, and was moving across the country from the Midwest.

Which means only one thing: My #1 expectation for Idaho was broken the moment I arrived in Boise.

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Iconic Idaho Rainbow Ends in Boise Foothills

It isn't often that you get to see the END of a rainbow.

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So, what was my #1 expectation when moving to Idaho? That's right, that there would be potato fields everywhere.

I swear to Justin Bieber, every single person responded with "Ope, hope you like potatoes," when I told them I was moving to Idaho. None of them had ever been there, mind you, but they had me convinced that Idaho was one giant potato field, with some potato factories and potato stores sprinkled in here and there.

"That's right, that there would be potato fields everywhere."

Much to my dismay, I drove across most of the state to get to Boise, and...nothing. No potato fields. Maybe I drove by some and missed it? Maybe they're "off the beaten path" and nowhere near highways and interstates?

Or, maybe I was lied to. Maybe Idaho isn't all potato fields. Because, if it is, I'm having one hell of a time finding them!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have to do a little searching and sightseeing to find Idaho's famous potatoes. Right?




If you think I'm making up this potato craze in Idaho, then please explain to me why these very explicit Christmas cards are something that exist in 2024:

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