Just announced today, March 29th of 2021, Boise Music Festival will NOT be taking place this summer.

Boise Music Festival, for years, has been a staple in our community for big names in music and entertainment. To celebrate 10 years, in the summer of 2019, the main stage was headlined by Pitbull--to take you behind the scenes, an act that all of the local event planners and music fans alike had been hoping to see for YEARS.

Unfortunately, for the second summer in a row, COVID-19 will be cause for another Boise Music Festival postponement.

We believe in being completely transparent on the thought process behind this difficult decision.

While normally at this time of year we would be announcing acts that would be on stage, this year, the announcement is an all too familiar one: cancelled.  We don't have to tell you that COVID-19 wreaked havoc on live events and the entertainment business.  Even while the pandemic was going on, the planning team behind Boise Music Festival was working with the nations largest talent pools and record labels to make sure a move could be made for 2021 the second it was possible. Unfortunately, the industry as a whole just isn't there yet.

At this time, we as Boise Music Festival organizers are unable to get many artists to commit to a show during a summer which still remains up in the air. There are still gathering restrictions looming as well. Moving the date later into the year also eliminated the possibility for supporting entertainment that is known and loved at Boise Music Festival, such as carnival attractions.

All of this said, while we're sad to share this news we do want to share the brighter side of the news as well. Boise Music Festival WILL return, on June 25th, 2022!

Post up on our Facebook page! Who do YOU want to see on that main stage next summer? We're ready to get to work!

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