Its hard to believe that a show that really thrived in part to the 2007-2008 writers strike is in its 36th season. For a second season in a row, the Treasure Valley has someone to cheer for.

In its 36th season, Survivor heads to "Ghost Island" where castaways will not only attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast their fellow competitors, but will also be haunted by the mistakes of past contestants from previous seasons.  The 20 new castaways will come across relics like immunity idols, torch snuffers and necklaces from previous seasons that will work their way into this year's game.  The new season will premiere on CBS with a two-hour episode on February 28.

The Treasure Valley will throw their support behind 34-year old yoga instructor, Stephanie Johnson.  Johnson now lives in Chicago, but originally called Boise home. In an interview with ET Canada, Johnson says she had a feeling in her bones that she'd one day make it onto the survival competition.  For 10 years, she kept a sticker with the shows motto in her room and applied for the show every season.

Johnson's a seasoned triathlete and says her mentor, an 86 year-old man who still competes in the Iron Man distance, taught her to "get comfortable, being uncomfortable."  That's a motto she plans to use as a mantra to get her as far along into the competition as possible.

Learn more about single mom, Stephanie in her cast video below:

Boise Makes a Splash on Reality TV

Its worth noting, that this is the second Treasure Valley native to appear on CBS's Survivor in the past two seasons.  Ben Driebergen, a Marine veteran, won the $1 million prize the "Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers" competition in Season 35.

Meanwhile on competing network ABC, Boise State graduate and former LITE-FM promotions tech, Krystal Nielsen continues to shake up the competition on The Bachelor. In an unprecedented move, Krystal decided to skip the group date after party after Arie changed his mind about who was invited.  It led to a pretty uncomfortable, yet very adult argument between the new couple.  Apparently the heart to heart was enough to keep Arie's attention a little longer.  Krystal got the last rose in this week's "rose ceremony."

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