It's by far one of the most anticipated dates of the entire summer--and with temperatures going UP this week, many were hoping for some good news.

Unfortunately, the Boise River will not yet be open for floating.

Just weeks ago, we shared that officials anticipated this weekend to be the opening weekend. With temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees, that sure would be ideal. For now, it just won't be realistic.

City of Boise officials are working closely with water managers and the Boise Fire Department dive team to determine when the river will be open.

For now--officials are reminding the public to just stay off of the river until it's safe. 

Each summer, it seems that Boise just comes to life. We're lucky to live in a place where there are more than enough things to do year round--with world class outdoor activities no matter the season and wildlife right in our backyard.

Summer just hits different, though.

Patios open up, social life takes on a whole new meaning, and concerts at our many outdoor and popular venues fill the air with fun and music.

What completes the Boise summer experience? It's floating the Boise river.

The river runs right through the City of Boise and when the weather is hot, it's a great place to people watch, cool off, or just see folks coming to life.

Perhaps the biggest tidbit of information here? The river, at this time, is still too dangerous to float. No matter how it looks or feels--stay OUT so that you don't need to be rescued.

While we wait for the river to open up here in Boise--which is of course, one of the most anticipated seasons of the year--here's a look at some hikes that you can check out right now, without a wait! 

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