If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on it’s that sports can be difficult. Whether you played as a child or in high school or college sports are something that you have to work hard for and a lot of the times they can even be dangerous. We watch on television when athletes get injured and it can be very stressful especially when it involves a head injury.

Head injuries are something that a lot of athletes have to deal with no matter how old they are. One of these injuries, post-concussion syndrome, can cause a lot of suffering for those who have had to deal with it.

Head On

An organization for those suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

That’s why Hannah Hall started the non-profit organization, Head On, to help those who have to deal with post-concussion syndrome. Hannah Hall lived in Boise for some time before playing soccer at San Jose State where she eventually had to medically retire due to post-concussion syndrome. Now she has started her non-profit with the goal of helping those who face the challenging life after sports while suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

The Goal of Head On is to provide support and a shoulder to lean on for those who suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Now, with a total rebrand, Head On has started a podcast to relay the stories of people who have experiences with post-concussion syndrome to help inform others how they have adapted to life after sports.

You can follow @headonpod for more information about both the organization and the podcast!

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