The Fourth of July is coming up quick and pet owners are already receiving stark reminders from local vets and organizations: be careful this fourth!

It's that time of the year where wooden shacks pop up all over Treasure Valley parking lots--bright colors and loud fonts read "fireworks" and kids, kids at heart, and families flock to stock up on a peculiar American tradition. Lighting up small, loud, smelly explosives.

With the holiday just days away, anyone on social media has seen by now, the complaints of fireworks "already going off" because it isn't even the Fourth of July yet. By the way, we all know that these posts will continue for days AFTER the fourth as well.

If you have a pet at home, odds are that when your neighborhood sounds like a scene out of Top Gun because of all of the firecrackers-- no matter their size--your dogs, cats, or whatever the animal might not be too happy.

According to the experts, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the stress on your pets.

  • Don't let them freak out--lock up your pet in a safe and quiet room for extra comfort. Keeping them indoors will also prevent the risk of them running away from all of the noise.
  • Give you pet a distraction--like new toys, treats, or music--keep their little minds busy!
  • Microchip and ID your pets-- if they get out, you'll want to be able to track them. Maybe even an AirTag!?

Here's a closer look at more safety tips for the Fourth of July this summer!

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