"Up Yours, COMMIE", wrote a Facebook user named Blook Sklootch on the City of Boise's Facebook page, as Ryan Lee, the Chief of Police in Boise asked the community to be safe and wear their masks.

It's an ever-evolving battle around how we as a community and a greater society will navigate a global pandemic. Who would have thought that masks would be so controversial? Welcome to 2020, everyone.

In a recent video released by the City of Boise and the Boise Police Department, Chief of Police Ryan Lee asked the community to mask up, so we can all get through this together. No matter your stance, I always appreciate these types of messages from our leaders.  I like to be led by example. Just the other day, a kind Boise Police officer gave me my first speeding ticket-- in his custom BPD mask! I'm not salty at all about the ticket...

Check out the video for yourself below. Be safe out there, Treasure Valley.

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