Summer is coming to an end but there's no snow on the valley floor just yet, which means yes: there are still plenty of bikes on the roads and paths all across Boise. That said--you're probably doing your best to make sure your bike is in tip top shape AND stored safely, while you use it and rely on it to get around!

While living in Spokane, Washington, bike theft was a real problem. It seems like we didn't go a week that a friends bike wasn't either stolen, missing a part, or vandalized. Security at Gonzaga University always encouraged U-Locks for our bikes, but people would get onto campus with car jacks and bust them right open. It was ridiculous.

Bike theft here in Boise CERTAINLY isn't as prominent, but it happens. Did you know your bike has a serial number that makes it recognizable to authorities, if it's ever found?

Yes, you can make sure that Boise Police have YOUR bike information saved away should they ever find yours and the service is totally free!

To register your bike online for free, just click HERE!

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