Sometimes, things are just "so Idaho" there really isn't any other way to put it. If you think about what has drawn attention to the State of Idaho over the years, it has often been something weird.

We think back to the 'Cranberry Juice Guy' that went viral during the pandemic, all of the entertaining musings of Idaho elections and political figures, and even that time that hundreds of goats escaped on the town.

Hold your horses: this morning, another does of 'So Idaho' was served up to the public.

Just this morning, a tweet from the Boise Police Department made us laugh, smile, shake our heads, and think: only in Idaho, man...


Yes, apparently at some point this morning, officers found a random horse wandering around Boise.  He looks like a real nice fellow, and is currently parked at the Boise Fire Department's Station #9.

We have to assume that the owner of this horse is frantically looking for him--or perhaps he has a history of running away? Maybe the fire department will be able to respond by horse, if nobody claims him!?

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