Spend any time downtown Boise and you'll notice (and surely appreciate) that we have a clean, safe, and vibrant downtown environment. As is always the case, however, it only takes one or two people to 'ruin the vibe' for everyone.

A brawl that took place in late March, downtown Boise, has local authorities seeking answers--and people!

Boise Police, though a recent press release, recapped the incident which took place in downtown Boise a number of weeks ago now. Here's how the series of events was explained:

On March 29, 2024, Boise Police officers responded to a report of a fight as a crowd of people exited the arena on the 200 block of S. Capitol Blvd.  Officers quickly located a victim suffering from multiple injuries and began an investigation.  The victim went to a local hospital and was treated and released for serious but not life-threatening injuries.  As part of the investigation, detectives would like to identify and speak with the person shown in the attached photo.

The photo, of course, is provided below:

Credit: Boise Police Department
Credit: Boise Police Department

We can tell from the photos that this incident took place at, around or near Idaho Central Arena--by the doors and wall paintings.

Were you at this event and did you see, hear, or notice anything about this brawl? Authorities want to hear from you.

Can you identify the man in this photo? Authorities would be very, very happy to hear from you.

Any information or leads (and remember, you can always remain anonymous), should be sent to Boise Police via the Ada County Dispatch line: 208-377-6790

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