When I was a kid, my bedroom at home was on the second story and sleeping with my window open was (and remains) my favorite thing ever.  It was always a fear of mine, however, that I would wake up one morning and see someone staring into my room!  Obviously being on the second floor, that was an unrealistic problem to worry about but even as an adult...someone staring in your window? No thanks.

That's exactly what was reportedly happening to some Boise residents recently and Boise Police officers are trying to figure out what's going on. Someone was spotted looking into windows of homes on April 3rd and authorities believe they've found a truck that could be related to that person. The truck is a grey/silver Chevrolet with a camper on the bed. The license plate is 8B DH447.

While guilt hasn't been associated to this truck just yet, police seem to think it's worth looking for.

And more on the area of suspicion can be found below:

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