You can put another record-breaking Pride week in the books. Some were saying 20,000 and BPD estimated a staggering 25,000 people during Pride's Friday night concert. The weekend was crazy.

We had the opportunity of hosting most of the events including the massive parade that took place in the streets of Downtown Boise.

I was so proud of our city over the weekend and how much ❤️ filtered through the streets. Acceptance is difficult no matter who you love. This is something we ALL search for. It's especially exciting to see how open the city has become and how that has created a loving environment. I'm not the best with words but it was truly inspirational for me. If there was a buzz phrase this weekend it would be, "Free Mom Hugs." 🏳️‍🌈

Here are some photos that I took during the parade, on stage, and around Pride. Hope you enjoy because I took a lot. These will be in three different galleries. Enjoy!

Pride 2019 Gallery (2)

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