Another day, another top *insert number here* list for Boise so it seems. This one, however, is a little different compared to the rest.  Believe it or not, someone (or some group of people) compiled the nations most "hipster" cities. And again, believe it or not, Boise somehow ended up at near the top.

Nothing against you, hipsters. I've been known to he a local beer snob from time to time, but how have we outdone Portland, Oregon!? If you say "hipster", I think "Portland".  I guess now, I've got to start thinking Boise--our very own turf., a website that takes pride in their being known for city data and moving tips, has the complete list. Portland, Oregon ranks 12th while good 'ol Boise Idaho comes in at a strong #4.

Data points taken into consideration for this list include the following:

  • Thrift Shops
  • Vegan Shops,
  • Local Breweries
  • Rent demand increases
  • Tattoo Parlors

Somehow, having enough of these means we're Hipster-Central.

Spokane, Washington ranks 7th and while I spent four years of my life in Spokane, I'm just as confused with this ranking as well.

To see the complete list of cities, click HERE.


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