If there is one thing that we know about Boise State fan, it is that they aren't easy to please. We aren't knocking on them--we just need to be honest here--they're difficult. Take a look at fans of the Idaho Vandals for example, these fans aren't used to winner and they're among the most loyal in the nation. When it comes to the Broncos, if the team loses more than one game in a season--all hope is lost and attendance at games takes a hit.

Don't even get your local Boise State fan started on conference realignment--because Boise State belongs in a better one! What's wrong with the Mountain West that Boise State can't even consistently win anymore? Well, it isn't a "big" conference.

News today that USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 has emerged and the blue and orange fan club is READY.

Here's an example of what the folks in Boise have to say about all of this: 


And of course, there are the haters, too: 


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