When it comes to naming off celebrities with Idaho or Treasure Valley ties--who comes to mind? There's Kellen Moore and Coach Pete on the sports side and we certainly can't forget Aaron Paul on the acting side. Believe it or not, plenty of stars are from Idaho or have strong Idaho ties!

Now, there's a new celebrity with an Idaho tie--and an amazing story. We love the likes of Kellen Moore and Aaron Paul, but even they can't top how cute this new celebrity is.

We want you to meet 'Crash'-- a rescue cat right here in Boise that is now going to be the first cat, ever, to be named the famous Cadbury Clucking Bunny.  Thousands of votes from all across the globe flooded in as Cadbury (famous for their chocolate eggs that you see everywhere during the Easter Season) searched for their next "cover model".

An English Bulldog and even a frog once won the competition, but never a cat-- until Crash!

You might be wondering about his name and it's a great story. Crash, an 8-year-old male, was recused after a terrifying car accident where he was severely injured. Local shelter Simply Cats took him under their wing and fell in love with his personality so much, he became the shelter pet!

Aside from being the face of Cadbury in their commercials this year, Crash will be given $5,000 to spend on whatever he wants (we're serious) and the shelter of his choice will also get $5,000-- we have to assume that will be Simply Cats!

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