A Boise resident is going to have the chance of a lifetime and you can watch it all play out on television this Friday.

It's a big week for game show news in the Treasure Valley and it's only getting bigger. Just last night, we shared with you that The Price Is Right Live would be taking stage at the Morrison Center at Boise State University's campus.

While Jeopardy isn't coming to Boise-- Boise is, in a sense, going to Jeopardy!

According to local news outlet CBS 2, the station on which Jeopardy airs, a Boise man will be competing to bring home the dough--or perhaps stay on the show for a few episodes or more--this Friday evening: July 16th, 2021.

The man is Josh Saak and he's a traffic engineer here in Boise.  Put any engineer next to me and I'll probably get schooled--but this guy is sure to make Boise proud on television!

Of course, as social media reacts to the news--many have plenty to say about Josh already.  Oh, internet--how we love (and hate, at times) thee.

One commenter writes:

Judging by the traffic shituation that is boise...I'd say he's gonna choke in the first round...

And another writes:

Hope he knows more about Jeopardy than traffic engineering.

Come on, Boise-- is the traffic REALLY that bad around here and should we REALLY be blaming Josh? He could be the next Ken Jennings!

Tune in to Jeopardy this Friday night, July 16th, at 6:00 p.m. to watch and cheer on our very own Boise representative, Josh!

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