The idea of leaving the Treasure Valley, maybe for good, makes us so sad but people are doing it every day. 

We'll be honest. We moved here from a depressed steel town in Northeast Ohio about twelve years ago and never looked back. Compared to where we've been, Boise is absolute heaven on Earth and we'd like to stay here as long as humanly possible.

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That said, we understand that some people are in need of a change of scenery or found better job opportunities elsewhere. That means they're packing their things and leaving the Treasure Valley. But where are they going?

Stacker recently dug into U.S. Census Bureau data to piece that puzzle together. We looked at the top 15 cities on their list and went through some data on Niche, a website that allows you to explore the communities, schools and workplaces that best fit your lifestyle, to see what makes them so appealing. was our source for home prices. The most recent rental rates for each city came from Here's a glimpse of what we learned about the cities that Boise residents are moving to the most.

Boise Residents Are Abandoning the Treasure Valley for These 15 Appealing Cities

Stacker recently put together a list of which cities people are moving to when they leave Boise. We dug into some of the Niche data for those cities to try and figure out why they're more appealing than our little neck of the woods. Home prices come from Rent stats come from the most recent rental rate information available on (except Pocatello, they didn't give that figure so the rate quoted is from Niche.) These numbers reflect the current inventory of houses and apartments as of November 29, 2022.

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