Over the past few weeks, I've seen a lot of safety alerts popping up on my NextDoor App. If you aren't familiar, this app is for neighborhoods to get to know one another. Your address is verified and most things are only visible to those who live IN that neighborhood so that everyone can communicate. I've seem an uptick in crime--from vehicle break-ins to stolen bikes it seems like it is on the rise.

One theme, however, seems to be popping up and I think the public should know.

Is there a peeping tom creeping on Southeast Boise?

In one account from early April, the local resident who we will not name posted that near Boise State, they:

...have had a peeping Tom visit us at least three times about a month ago. First he was caught looking through my neighbors window as she showered. Then a week later, my neighbor saw him looking at me while I showered. Since then he’s tried to get into my neighbors house by aggressively trying to open their front door. Each time he has been spotted, he has taken off on a bike.

And in the most recent account, a different local resident points to a potential peeping tom, this time off of Parkcenter Boulevard and somewhere around Amy Street, it is shared that:

There is DEFINITELY a window peeper in our area and we have reason to believe it's been going on for some time now. Approximately 6 months ago, a neighbor saw someone peering into my daughters bedroom window and he appeared to be taking video/photos through a small crack in her window blinds. The perpetrator hopped onto a large BMX type bike and was last seen turning onto Amy St. We installed motion sensor lights above her window and hoped this would resolve the issue. Today I noticed several very large shoe prints in a newly planted and raked flower bed right outside our kitchen window. From the positioning of the footprints, it's apparent the person was standing outside the window in an effort to peer into our home.



While there is a bike connected to both of these claims, who knows what is really going on here and if there is any connection. Both posts say that Boise Police HAVE been notified, so that is reassuring.

The clear moral of the story here is, if you SEE something, SAY something.

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