It's a Saturday afternoon in the Treasure Valley and something is missing. Then again-- a LOT of things are missing.

Movie theaters? Closed. Bars?Closed. Restaurants? Closed.  Local business is taking a hit while most of us are locked up and home, staying away from one another and wondering what on earth we're going to do tonight or for the foreseeable future.

As a local myself, one thing that I absolutely hate is watching local business struggle.  The good news is that despite city-wide mandates, many local businesses have found ways to work around the "no-dining in" rules.

Many restaurants that have had to remove seating areas and ban folks from dining in now more than ever are emphasizing their take-out or delivery options. Even corporate giant Uber is offering FREE delivery via Uber Eats to you if you order from a local restaurant.

I have been craving Thai food for WEEKS and I took advantage of the chance to help out local business earlier this week by getting some Pad Thai to go from Mai Thai on Idaho Street in downtown Boise!

In order to help out YOUR favorite local business, one of the best things you can do is just grab lunch or dinner from them like you normally would...but grab it to go!

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