It's 2 O'clock in the morning, you've been out with your friends after a long night in downtown Boise, nobody is driving--so what do you do? Call a Lyft, Uber, Cab, or friend! One Boise man, who has had several videos go 'viral' on TikTok, appears to be a friend to many in need of a ride, right here in the Treasure Valley.

A man that many online call "Mr Blue" is quite popular around the campus of Boise State University. We're not sure how it all started, but students know that they can reach out to the "man in the minivan" via text message or snapchat and get a safe ride to where they need to go. It seems that most of the time, these rides are taking place late at night.

So what goes on inside of this minivan...? One things seems certain: secrets aren't safe in there.

Here's a look at some of the excitement that goes on inside of the brightly lit minivan where the camera is always recording...

Boise Rideshare Driver Records & Posts It All on TikTok

If you've ever wondered what goes on inside of a late night Uber or Lyft, they're often as "exciting" as one might assume. This Boise rideshare driver records his rides...and then posts them to TikTok.

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Have you ever gone for a ride with the man who calls himself 'Mr. Blue'? 

Perhaps viral is a stretch--some videos only have a few thousand views but others are pushing the likes of 50,000 to 90,000 views!  What's the appeal? It seems you never know what's going to happen or what a passenger is going to say.

There is no clear rhyme or reason as to why the videos that are chosen to get posted, get posted.  If nothing else, the young adults riding around with the man in the van love seeing themselves and their friends--at their most 'animated', if you will.

In this video, for example, a woman eats her burrito while being driven home! 


@mrbluetieWe have a very unique relationship.

♬ original sound - Mr. Blue


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Idaho's Viral Traffic Sign Typo

What was going on over in Star, Idaho?

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This Viral Idaho Moment Has The Internet Cringing

Sometimes, we just come across those things that are so "Idaho" it would only make sense to an Idahoan. Today is one of those days, and this is one of those things.
A TikTok that has gone viral features an event that is "so Idaho" we don't even know where to start.
The event is referred ton online as the "Cooler Ride" or the "Cooler Slide" and apparently, takes place (unofficially) during the Riggins Rodeo. Many online commenters said that they're familiar with the event and that yes-- it really is "a Riggins thing".

Take a look at this for yourself and enjoy the very Idaho TikTok, as well.

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