It's no secret--the Treasure Valley BOOM has been real. Whether it's the insane amount of people moving into the city, the constantly evolving (and far from cheap) housing market, or the major increase in new business--Boise isn't what it once was.

Locals may still hold strong convictions towards 'city boundaries' -- but it's fair to say that Boise can only grow so much and now, surrounding cities like Kuna, Eagle, Star, and Meridian are bustling right up to their borders.

Perhaps you've driven through downtown Eagle and like us, noticed all of the new business? The growth here has been real and it's exciting to see this area develop into more.

Perhaps one of the most popular new additions? Spitfire Tacos & Tequila.

Drive by Spitfire most nights and you'll notice a crowd--where flavor meets flair, this trendy taco spot serves up some of the best anywhere in the Treasure Valley. We should mention--their breakfast offerings are quite popular too.

With the weather shaping up nicely for summer and Cinco de Mayo right around the corner--maybe it's time to remind you that Spitfire is home to one of the area's newest rooftops!

Odds are, when it's cold, you aren't 'looking up' for rooftop venues but Spitfire's top notch rooftop is going to be buzzing with tacos and tequila this weekend--perhaps most exciting? A chance to win tacos FOR A YEAR!

What is sure to be the 'hottest' part of Cinco de Mayo weekend will be taking place on Saturday, May 4th from 3:00p.m. until 4:00 p.m. -- the Hot Pepper Eating Contest!

Sign up to participate for just $15.00 and get ready to sweat your way to free tacos for a year--the champion will be happy they did it!

Check out the rules & details, below: 

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Sign up HERE.

Learn more about Spitfire, HERE.

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