Back to school, back to school--it is definitely that time of year here in the Treasure Valley. By this point, most all schools in the Treasure Valley are back into the swing of classes. Just like students and parents are adjusting to the new normal-- so too are faculty, staff, and support systems as schools gets underway.

Recent social media rants have pointed out to one large "kink" in the system--allegedly. We have seen social media post after social media post about school buses running significantly late in Boise--or that some students are having to jump through hurdles and switch buses to get to class on time.

See below for what one student publicly shared on a local online forum about their experience:

For context, I’m sitting on a bus, that got to me 25m late and I’m gonna miss like half if not more of my first period. They aren’t even trying to make it better, and I’ve been late every day so far. I have no other way to get there, and neither do a lot of people. So why don’t they get their sh*t together? This has happened to loads of other buses too, according to friends on other routes. It’s bull.

You know it's bad when students are complaining about missing class time!!

Have you had any negative experience with school bus routes this fall so far? Many online are blaming the school bus company, Durham. Others are saying that drivers simply won't work for the wages that are being offered to school bus drivers.

Chime in--what's going on with these buses Boise!?

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