When it comes to Boise businesses-- which local spots are most special and cherished? Certainly, residents can make a long list of these. Every types of business is sure to make the list, from restaurants to jewelers, coffee shops to boutique stores.

One of the most iconic, well-known, and beloved staples of Boise? The Record Exchange.

For years, The Record Exchange has been the go-to place for music and lifestyle in the city.  It's where nostalgia meets hip under the most local vibe possible. Apparently, even kids in the area that are far too young to remember when 'records' were big, know about the Record Exchange!

Two local students from Riverside Elementary have stolen hearts and have (hopefully) been awarded all of the A+ grades for their recent project on Boise's iconic Record Exchange!

Let's take a look at what made this school project so local and so special!

Boise School Students Show Off Beloved Boise Business

Talk about an awesome school project!

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We absolutely LOVE The Record Exchange!

We think that the project these two put together very healthily represents how special the popular record store is to the city, its history, its relevance today and how it offers so much more than just vinyl records.

Well done boys!

Take a look at the full class project, as shared by The Record Exchange, below: 

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