Last week the news broke that former Seahawk Richard Sherman paid $20,000 of lunch debt for students in the Tacoma School District and in Santa Clara, California.

Fast forward to today and the Boise School District has announced that an anonymous donor paid off students' lunch debt at Timberline High School and Shadow Hills Elementary on Tuesday.

According to the district someone who asked to remain anonymous paid the $1,600 in outstanding lunch debt at the two schools.

District spokesman Dan Hollar told that the schools were "just delighted" by the charitable gift. It speaks to the level of community support that we have in the district, and it comes at a good time when different families are struggling to make ends meet," he continued.

"We thank the person or persons responsible for this donation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the families do as well," he said. "You've certainly made a great Christmas for a number of individuals and certainly a number of our students."

I've heard of copycat crimes but a copycat act of goodwill is a breath of fresh air and to be honest with you, it's not a big surprise that something like this would happen in Boise. Even though we have so many people moving into our great city the people here still seem to be really kind.


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