You don't have to live in the Treasure Valley for very long to realize that you will definitely need a car to get around and survive here. It's a small town and things aren't far away necessarily--but if you work in Boise and live in Nampa, there aren't many ways to get from Point A to Point B, easily.  Even if you take public transportation, there are still challenges getting to stops and are those stops going to be close enough to where you need to go? Throw in a brutal winter and you could be snow shoeing into work which isn't always ideal.

Having grown up in Nampa myself-- I know how difficult it could be at times to get around. Especially before I had a drivers license. Asking my friends for rides was painful. I even took a city bus to and from my first radio job at age 14! The stops included a long walk or bike was rough.

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho wants to hear from YOU. There's actually a survey for you to take as they measure the community's temperature on the idea of a light rail.

The concept is a long ways out but conceptually, it would run along the I-84 between Caldwell and Boise.  Details on the survey say this is still 20 or more years out. Having just seen that Boise ranks among the worst traffic congestion in the country, maybe this could help? I feel like something like this could REALLY help our community out as it grows.

Click HERE to learn more and take the survey!

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