It's here, it's out, and it's everywhere: Taylor Swift's latest music release which includes a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes of "classic" Taylor.

What's all of the hype about? Consider the "vault" broken in to--Swift fans are going absolutely nuts. In an effort to take back ownership of some of her earlier works, Swift has re-released the 2012 album "Red" and it's being called "Taylor's Version". Fans everywhere have a lot to say about the album but we were curious to know what "Swifties" right here in the Treasure Valley had to say about it all.

To no surprise, many fans LOVED it:

But, for every compliment--there's a hater so it seems:   

As always, the "hater" remarks are a little funnier but maybe that's just us!

Happy "Swifting" this weekend, Boise!

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