Did somebody say snow? Well, not yet...but if you like to ski or snowboard, you're probably praying for some snow right about now.  You also may be in need of some new gear--or are clearing out some of your old stuff. If that's the case, snow or no snow, you should check out the 67th Annual Ski Swap this weekend!

Growing up, my elementary school would do ski days up at Bogus Basin. Admittedly, I was terrible at all things Bogus Basin but I would always go for the bus trip up with friends and hang out on the bunny hill for the entire day.  Looking back, I wish I would have learned and stuck with winter sports, especially with so many options right here in our backyard. Maybe the ski swap will be a chance for me to find some affordable gear and take another stab at my ski slope skills.

Here's how it works. Take your used equipment down to Expo Idaho and check it in with some Ski Swap workers. If they're able to sell it, they take a 25% commission and you'll get a check mailed to you with your cut! it's as simple as that.

That said, if you're looking for well maintained ski equipment, this is the place for you!

To get in, it's $5.00 on Friday, $3.00 on Saturday, and on Sunday, you can get in for free with a canned food donation going towards the Boise Rescue Mission.

More on the event, HERE.

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