Did anyone else see snowflakes dropping in the Treasure Valley today? Late this morning at our office located in downtown Boise, everyone was freaking out because...the FIRST snowflakes of the season began to fall. Clearly, it's far too early in the year for this to be happening...or at least I keep telling myself that. No offense, snow-lovers-- I just HATE driving in this stuff. Sure it looks nice and I love seeing it in the mountains--but driving around town in this stuff just isn't my cup of tea.

With this first snow, no matter how mild, comes the first signs of winter which mean for outdoor fanatics across the city: ski and snowboard time! I haven't done either since I was in elementary school...but more power to you!

It's back by popular demand--no, not winter--but the annual Ski Swap that is put on by the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation! This is such a huge event in the community because there are SO many great deals to be had. Gear for winter sports can be expensive and if you're looking for something new or maybe your first set-- this is the spot for you! By the way, you can also SELL your used equiptment at any price you want!

It costs to get in, so we're here to help you get in for free~ Just drop your info below and become a winner!

More on the event, HERE.


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