March is here, Boise--and for the third year in a row that actually means something to the city.

Let's re-emphasize that: for the third year IN A ROW.

Yet despite the 'first ever' feat for the Boise State men's basketball program, fans can't help but continue to complain about the hows, the whys, and the fine print.

On Sunday, March 17th, Boise State's name was called during 'Selection Sunday'--the nationally televised special that ranks and places the very best basketball programs of the year into the famous March Madness bracket. As Gonzaga University's Mark Few calls it: 'the greatest show on earth'.

The plot twist? Most 'experts' and 'bracketologists' expected Boise State to be placed in a far more favorible position. Let us be clear: their rationale wasn't mistaken or overhyped. At the end of the day, however, the committee which crates these brackets just didn't agree.

Fans can't let it go.

In a world where several deserving programs didn't even MAKE the tournament -- a level of shock of its own--we just don't believe that Boise State fans have any reason to whine. You made the tournament for the third year in a row for the first time ever. You're in.

Want to prove the committee wrong? Win. That's something the program hasn't been able to do yet.

The same folks complaining that the West Coast Conference received better bids (St. Mary's and Gonzaga) seem to be the same folks that want a win against St. Mary's to be a resume booster. The double standards are daunting.

We know one thing for sure, Leon Rice is no newbie to March Madness and he's preparing his team for battle no matter who they're playing or where they're playing at.

Some fan accounts going as far as claiming that the NCAA tournament isn't even a "legitimate" competition!?

Sorry--was the NIT or NO post-season more fun, y'all?

Could Boise State have been ranked higher? Yes. Mark Few called it a 'screw job'--but here's the scoop, fans: you're dancing. Let March do what March does! There are going to be big wins and upsets no matter what that little number next to the team name is.

Leon Rice has this team cooking and it continues to feel like fans can't get out of their own way in expecting wins and respect when the honest truth is this: Boise State hasn't earned it.

Boise State tips off against the University of Colorado on Wednesday, March 20th at about 7:00 pm. A win will prove a lot, as it will be the program's first ever win in March Madness. 

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