Losing your pet. I'm not sure why losing a pup can drop you to a knee, but it will. We lost ours and putting him down and leaving him behind might be one of the hardest things.

Bronco Nation along with Kristi and Cade Closson said goodbye to one of our favorite dogs, Kohl. We just lost our kickoff entertainer that really ignited the crowd when he retrieved each and every tee.


Boise State Football and Boise Hawks Baseball Loses a Friend

You create a tradition for your sports teams whether it's the number of push-ups Buster Bronco does after a score, the Boise State Blue Elvises, or even retrieving a tee after kick-off. You might not think it's that big of a deal, but watch how the national media loves that story immediately after kickoff, it's tradition. The Broncos season begins in days with the first home game on Friday, September 10, 2021. Kohl will definitely be missed.

I saw this in a post on Facebook and it was sad.

"The World lost a legend today,. Cowboy Kohl also know by his AKC registered name, Revitt Up Kohl Expect Great Things, passed away just moments ago while in the loving arms of Kristi & Cade Closson."

Kohl passed away due to a cancerous tumor on his spinal column. Kohl was also Bat Dog for the Boise Hawks Baseball team and will be sorely missed. I love that Kohl was celebrated all over the place with over 500 local and national appearances. Kohl is part of Bronco history and it sucks to lose such a part of game day.

The Broncos start the season with new coaches, rookie kids out of high school, and an exciting season. Bronco Nation will also be welcoming a new Tee dog very soon, his son "Blitz" or TK Hot Bluefield Blitz.

KTVB did a special on working animals and Kohl received the feature during this show.

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