Hank Bachmeier threw for nearly 300 yards (he was one single yard shy) and two touchdowns to lead Boise State to victory last night in Las Vegas. With the city on the edge of our seats, Vegas could probably hear the roar from Boise as the clock ticked down and Boise State remained undefeated.

With the 5-0 record comes a new ranking for the Broncos and it seems like things just keep going right for the team. Winning doesn't always mean any movement at all in these polls, but one thing that has fallen in their favor every single week is a team or two...or three...ahead of Boise State has taken a loss, making room for an easy shuffle upwards.

This week, Boise State has moved up to #14 in the AP poll AND the Coaches Poll.

Along with the new rank comes the top spot among non-power five teams in the country. If it was time to go to a bowl game right now, Boise State would be THE team guaranteed a spot in the majors.

Other notable happenings that matter to Boise State fans is another loss for University of Central Florida. With two losses now, UCF is essentially out of the major bowl game talks and out of Boise State's way as far as being that top Non-Power Five team. The closest threat to Boise State right now is #21 SMU and #23 Memphis.

A huge home game goes down next week against Hawaii--a team proven to be pretty tough. It's at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday and we'll be pre-gaming at Naked Fins starting at 6:00 p.m.!

See the full list of new rankings, HERE.

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