It was a strange season for Boise State football and I don't think any fans can deny that. I recall going into the season seeing more pre-season hype than I have in several years--only to really watch that hype crumble. I get it, a 10-win season is a great one. But for Boise State, major bowl games have grown to be expected. This year, it just didn't seem possible and to be honest, undeserved. It's not rare for Boise State to take a loss to a big program early on, but in-conference losses never used to be a thing. Is Boise State getting weaker or has the Mountain West grown stronger? I suppose those aren't mutually exclusive.

No matter how the season ended, yes, even with that awful bowl game cancellation--Boise State has finished among the top 25 and that's something to be proud of. The final rankings have been released after Clemson came out and handed Alabama a harsh loss in the National Championship...Boise State is ranked #23.

Other notable teams include Mountain West foe, Fresno State at #18, Utah State at #22 (who lost to Boise State, by the way), and at #13 are Coach Pete's Washington Huskies.

See the complete season end rankings, HERE.

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