An earlier kickoff time, new uniforms and a new line of Boise State gear on the way. Looks like this football season is going to be better than ever! The color schemes have been released - let's get reaaaddddyyyyy! 



Planning what to wear to the Boise State football games isn't something that's petty or for girls only. It's about spirit. Don't be that one person wearing all blue during an orange-out. We're on TV, we have an earlier kickoff time for the season opener and it's time we got serious!

Save those monies and watch for the good sales at the Bronco Shop (and the announcement of the release of some new swag).

  • September 2: vs. Troy. Tri-Color (find your section and wear that color)
  • September 16: vs. New Mexico. Orange Out
  • September 22: vs. Virginia. Blue Out
  • October 21: vs. Wyoming. Blue and Orange (find your section and wear that color)
  • November 4: vs. Nevada. Checkered (find your section and wear that color - it looks awesome when it's done just right)
  • November 18: vs. Air Force. Spirit (wear any and all Boise State colors)


What's the prediction for this year's team? We've got eyes on us - see what people are saying HERE. Check out what the guys will look like on the field this year and let's get ready to tailgate. Responsibly. I in the parking lot. Um...I'm digging myself a hole, aren't I?

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