Bear encounters are not a new thing in the Pacific North West.

Bear encounters in your living room are a little less rampant.

It happened in Ketchum during a camping trip. It happened in Idaho City in the middle of a hunting trip. This woman's story tops them both.

A 78-year-old woman in Sumpter says she awoke to a 160-pound bear knocking over shelves in her living room. Before this goes on, we're happy to report the woman was not harmed. This same bear was in the news recently when it was shot a month ago when another resident found it getting cozy on their porch. Sadly, the animal had to be euthanized after this most recent encounter.

Why so many bear encounters as of late? Experts predict that this unusually dry season has limited bears' access to berries, so they must search elsewhere for food.

How did the bear enter the woman's house, you ask? She forgot to lock her door before she went to bed.





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