College Football is full of coaching characters such as Mike Leach, Nick Saban, and Lane Kiffen. Arguably one of the most colorful characters in coaching is Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy.

We all know the famous video that caught Gundy in a rage during a press conference saying something like, "I'm a man, I'm forty." Well, Gundy might have topped that famous press conference with his post-game comments after a close win over Boise State in Boise last week.  

Gundy was asked about a questionable roughing the passer play against Oklahoma State late in the game. Gundy deadpanned, " bad breaks and crooked refs." He then moved on to other topics during his press conference. The Cowboys aren't the only ones who have a bone to pick when it comes to bad calls during Friday night's game. Boise State appeared to recover a fumble for a touchdown, but the officials blew the play dead after the recovery.  

The Broncos did have a chance to win the game, but the Cowboys blocked their game-winning field goal. No word on whether the Big 12 will fine Gundy for his comments about their officiating crew.  

Gundy further expanded on his comments during his radio show, as reported by Pistol Firing.

“They said they made a mistake [on the Brock Martin penalty],” said Gundy. “I understand people make a mistake, but if that type of penalty is called that late in the game, it has got to be 100% for sure. That’s not a bang-bang. That’s a call that’s rare and hard to make. If there’s any doubt, in my opinion, you can’t make that call.” 

The Cowboys begin Big 12 play this week against Kansas State while Boise State starts their Mountain West schedule at Utah State.  

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