The highlights of this program are nearing countless. What all began from the Boise State victory in Arizona--that infamous Fiesta Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners, has now turned into a nationally respected program.

I get it--not everyone respects this team. We hear the excuses every year: Boise State plays a weak conference, Boise State can't keep up with the major programs, and so on.  By the way-- any realistic fan can acknowledge: there have been times of weakness since that Fiesta Bowl victory? A losing season? No. Some really poor performances (let's not forget that game against Baylor)? Absolutely.

Going into this season, things feel a little different. The team has a higher than normal amount of returning players hitting the field this fall, with an experienced quarterback. Everyone is noticing, by the way--as the team was unanimously voted to win the Mountain Division of the Mountain West Conference. Let's not forget how powerful this team looked against the University of Oregon to end the season with a bowl victory last year.

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