Boise State football is, once again, under attack. No--not by a spread offense at Air Force or a suffocating defense in San Diego. Yes, we are talking about the internet who yet again, thinks that Boise State is walking along "Easy Street", to quote Kevin Miller of KIDO Talk Radio.

The honest truth of last season-- love the Broncos or hate them--is that the team got off to quite a slow start and while there was a bit of a "rally" at the end--they couldn't find their groove at home and the "sizzle" that we are used to having in the air seemed next to invisible.

This year, under Andy Avalos who is back as head coach, fans have high expectations from the team-- could another Fiesta Bowl be in the cards?

As written up by local Boise State expert Jordan Kaye of the Idaho Press:

  Yeah, that "strength" of schedule is going to need a little shine for Boise State to get some respect. Of course, depending on how teams like Oregon State, San Diego State, and others do throughout the season, this rank COULD get much better. To start the season, however, the presumably unranked Broncos are going to need to SHINE and STAND OUT. The downside other than being overlooked? Well, this:  

Undefeated? It's been a while...can we NOT put that into the universe just yet!?

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