If you would have told us a few weeks ago that Boise State football would actually have votes to be ranked nationally, in the Top 25, we might have laughed--or at least called you unrealistic. Overly optimistic? Delusional?

It doesn't matter how you look at it, Boise State, in true "Bronco Fashion" has turned the ship around and now the Broncos are winning again--no matter how close the games are or how ugly the finish might be. Just over the weekend, Boise State was on the road at Wyoming, where the matchup is always a challenge. Despite going back and forth with the Cowboys, a late game turnover should have taken the Broncos to overtime--but ANOTHER late game turnover secured the win for an "on the mend" Boise State football program.

Now, with the "doom and gloom" behind the program, a new (yet very familiar) Offensive Coordinator in Dirk Koetter seems to have injected just the right amount of energy into the team.

How do we know the Broncos are onto something? Well, it all starts with the fact that people OUTSIDE of the biased, Boise "bubble" are noticing, too.

With new Top 25 rankings fresh out this week, Boise State has multiple votes, in fact--19 votes--to be ranked in the AP Top 25. This amount of votes actually puts them at about 29th in the nation, if the rankings extended further.

Do the Broncos deserve this?

On the Coaches Poll side of things, the Broncos are ranked at about 33rd, with less votes but a hand full, nonetheless.

Programs like UCF, Texas, and Oregon State (who defeated Boise State early in the season) are rounding out the Top 25... could the Broncos really hang?

See the full set of rankings, HERE.

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