Looks like we're going bowling Treasure Valley! The Boise State Broncos beat the Fresno State Bulldogs in a long and stressful win. The game wasn't a sellout at 24,515 but it definitely looked hype on ESPN. We were putting our son Lennox down for bed as things we're started getting going.

Boise State fell to Fresno State last week in somewhat of a controversy regarding quarterbacks. Fans complained that Coach Harsin kept switching between Cozart and Rypien too many times. I thought that was interesting considering that's what coach did all year. Fans can be fickle and that's just sports. I personally thought the Broncos weren't showing all their tricks and holding off till the Mountain West Championship. I might have been wrong because I didn't see much difference except the Broncos were pretty banged up. We missed an early field goal and QB Rypien was hounded all night.

The Bulldogs held Boise State to 10 points till a 95-yard drive and 7 points that put BSU up by 3. Fresno State had over 2 minutes on a 3rd and 7 when Bronco Nation exploded. The Mountain West Player of the Year, Vander Esch, snatches grab to intercept the pass and give back the Broncos possession with under 2 minutes to play. The Bulldogs had no timeouts and with a few kneels - game over!

The Bronco fans stormed the field, confetti flew and just more reasons why downtown Boise was a big party last night. It's bowling time!

I reached out to Lucky The Dj and Mateo and told them to get us a trip to the Las Vegas Bowl!

Boise State will play the Oregon Ducks in the Las Vegas Bowl on December 16 in Sin City. Keep listening for tickets and standby for the tailgate parties to be announced. The last time we played the Ducks, coach Pete was the coach and Kellen Moore was the quarterback. BSU won that game 19-8.

I'm not sure if this will get publicity or buzz at all but did you hear about the buzzer beater? The Broncos basketball team beat the Ducks in a mid-court shot buzzer beater ending their 46 game home winning streak.

Let's see how that plays into the hype. More details coming soon.


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