Boise residents will never forget it. Boise State football fans certainly will cherish it for years. Fans of college football know it as the game that changed the way "mid-major" programs were respected. It was the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Boise State was set to take on the Oklahoma Sooners, one of the most respected football programs in the country. Slated as a "David vs. Goliath" match-up across the country, coach Chris Petersen lead Boise State to victory in a fashionable, trick-play driven style.

Now at the University of Washington, Chris Petersen is still a respected and supported coach here in Boise, even though he has moved on to a new program. He has now turned the UW Football team into one that ranks among the top of the country and this weekend, had another Fiesta Bowl appearance, this time dawning purple and gold.

It came down to a need for a last minute touchdown and Coach Pete called a familiar play, on a familiar field, inside of a familiar stadium--yes, in a familiar bowl game. In fact, the score was even the same... Petersen's team trailing, 35 to 28.

First, lets look back to how the play went down in 2007:


This time-- well, it didn't go so well. The play was executed perfectly, just not enough to get a touchdown on the scoreboard.  See what happened this time around, below.



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