It was a BIG weekend for a handful of Boise State football players who will now be taking a crack at the NFL.

I've never been a huge NFL fan but I do always follow the guys we once watched here on the blue turf as they take on a much larger stage. Just this weekend, some friends and I were talking about how quickly the NFL draft was moving along because of the lack of in-person attendance. We all agreed that we were totally fine with that. After we started listing off all of the big names from Boise State that went on to play in the NFL over the was crazy to think of how big this football program has become.

After the draft this weekend, five Boise State players will now be moving on to the NFL to show the league what Boise State prepared them for. These players were:

  • Offensive Lineman Ezra Cleveland who was taken by the Minnesota Vikings in the second round. He was the highest drafted Bronco.
  • Curtis Weaver who was picked up by the Miami Dolphins in the fifth Round
  • John Hightower who was chosen in the fifth round as well, by the Philadelphia Eagles
  • Defensive Lineman David Moa wasn't drafted but picked up later by the Minnesota Vikings
  • Offensive Lineman John Molchon was also not drafted but later picked up according to reports, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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