The holidays are right around the corner it’s a time for everyone to count their blessings. With all of the gifts that will be received, it’s also an important time to remember that giving back to the community is equally important. The holidays are a time about both giving and receiving and the Boise community is set on doing just that.

Boise State Media students are partnering with Good Samaritan Home to put on a fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Home. The Good Samaritan Home in Boise is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing people below the poverty line with resources, housing, and a sense of community. It gives them a chance to build relationships with their peers and pets while also living in a safe environment based on their income and being provided with 3 healthy meals a day.

The Good Samaritan Home

A look inside the low-income housing provided in Boise.

By visiting HERE you too can help raise money to build and expand the non-profit organization that seeks to help the Boise community day in and day out. By donating you help to create a solution to the problems that those below the poverty line face every single day. The money goes straight to the Good Samaritan Home so that they continue to offer a unique housing solution to those who are in need.

This holiday season be the reason that someone smiles and help out those who don’t have the same opportunities as you. It’s wonderful to see the Boise State Media students doing their part for the community by helping to put together such a wonderful fundraiser for an amazing non-profit organization.

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