There was nothing pretty about the game last night, as our Top 25 ranked Boise State Broncos struggled with a San Jose State program from the start. After coming off of a detrimental BYU loss, recovering over a Bye Week, it just seemed as though the Broncos needed to find their groove again. Now, while they did by game's end and brought home a win-- this team simply can't play like that if there is any sort of hope to land a major bowl game on New Years Day.

Clarity wanted by fans on Hank Bachmeier still isn't where it should be-- Bachmeier, who returned to the fiels this game did seem to leave a bit for another injury after taking two hard hits to his shoulder. A special teams touchdown also seemed to save the's not often we see a 66-yard punt return to the end zone.

New rankings are out and here's what we know: two teams that Boise State needed to lose this week, lost: Southern Methodist University and Appalachian State University. Two teams that still need to lose and are ahead of Boise State remain: Cincinnati and Memphis. These teams ironically play each other at the end of the season so at least one of them is due for a loss. We need more than that. After seeing how Boise State played and struggled early on last night-- we should be equally focused on Boise State actually WINNING.

The new rankings dropped this afternoon and in both the Coaches Poll and AP Poll, Boise State stayed put at #21.

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