Trigger warning: Self-harm. The story of a tattoo artist offering up her services to cover scars from self-harm went viral. The artist created beauty to permanently replace evidence of the time of darkness so many people have felt.

This certainly doesn't just happen in Australia. We are all impacted in one way or another. What is it that we do? Ask questions? Stare? Cover our own scars? Walk around completely oblivious to the fact that self-harm exists? It's okay if this is the first time you've heard about it - just know that it exists and it's very real.

Boise (and the Treasure Valley as a whole) is known for kindness, compassion, giving and a safe place to be. Sure, we have our faults and it's not always perfect but there are people who genuinely care.

Here's a prime example:


If you don't start, how will you know if anyone is waiting?

Whitney Develle, the Australian tattoo artist who inspired others to reach out to others through art says she had a friend who had cut herself while battling an eating disorder.


"She told me how much pain it brought her when people would question her about them or make comments. No one should ever have to feel like a public museum for people to ridicule."

Develle went on to talk about the process and the change that can happen and posted this online:

"I want you to be able to look down at the scars that bring you pain, embarrassment, shame, and be able to put those feelings behind you and instead feel proud of the body part that now contains art and offers a new beginning."

If any of this touches you in a way that moves you, the next step is to reach out. Send a personal message to Bobby at Skin Deceptions and allow him to respond.


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