If there is one thing that folks in the Treasure Valley absolutely love--arguably more than anything else--it is their pets. It doesn't matter the season, you'll always see Boise residents out and about with their pets and frankly, we're always eager to show photos of our pets off on Instagram or among our friends!

When is the last time that you had your pet participate in a photoshoot? It's about time that you refresh their headshot for the season--because Spooky Season is indeed upon us and now, one local vet hospital wants to help every animal in the city get festive!

Located in Southeast Boise, Habitat Veterinary Hospital will be offering free halloween portrait sessions on October 14th for any cat, dog, bird--you name it!

As stated by Habitat Veterinary Hospital:

Don't miss out on this spook-tacular event! Join us on October 14th to capture your pet's Halloween spirit with a pet portrait session. Amanda, one of our team members, is donating her photography skills and all donations will be accepted for Lake Lowell Rescue.

According to the Habitat Veterinary Hospital Facebook page, photos will be emailed to owners after the shoot and we should note that this is indeed open to the public--you don't need to be a patient at Habitat to participate!

Learn more about Habitat, HERE.

Donations going towards Lake Lowell Rescue will offer a huge helping hand to the organization that says 'No Pet Should Ever Be Abandoned'. Learn more about the group, HERE.


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