Pride Month in Idaho is right around the corner, and in our opinion, one of the greatest ways to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community is to be more aware and educated. That got us wondering, how many people who identify as transgender live in our great state of Idaho?

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We are so ready to celebrate all things Pride in Idaho, but were curious how many trans friends, family, and neighbors we have here in the Gem State. Since going door-to-door and asking every single person would be 1) Very weird, and 2) Massively inappropriate, we're not going to do that! Also, that sounds like a lot of work. We left the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Now, to be completely clear, these numbers represent how many people openly identify as transgender. That being said, the numbers from the Williams Institute are pretty eye-opening!

According to their research, as of 2022, Idaho is home to upwards of 8,000 people ages 13+ who identify themselves as being transgender. For those at home playing along without a calculator, that adds up to just about 1% of all people in the state of Idaho!

Now that you know, let's all get ready for Pride Month with a handy little guide on how you can be a better friend, neighbor, and ally!


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