When it comes to pet lovers here in the Treasure Valley, there are few things that Boise residents are more passionate about. Over the years, you have showed us photos of your pets doing all sorts of cute and silly things-- from Halloween costumes to viral videos.

How many of you can say that you have a CHRISTMAS portrait of your beloved pet, though?

Locally owned and operated Habitat Veterinary Hospital has decided to give you the opportunity to pop on by their clinic and change that--it's time to get YOUR pet a Christmas portrait!

You don't need to be a patient at Habitat Veterinary Clinic to get in on the photo opportunity either. It's totally free however donations will be accepted for some local animal rescue and health organizations-- as any pet owner would know, these are great causes.

As they shared on their Facebook page:

Our talented team member, Amanda, is donating her time to snap more Holiday Pet Portraits. Originally planned for this weekend, we have rescheduled the event in support of the Broncos Mountain West Championship!

Interested in getting your pet photos taken in time for the holidays?

  • Photos will be taking place on December 10th from 12pm-3pm
  • Your photo will get emailed to you in digital form
  • Photos will be taken in a safe space away from the lobby--no spooked pets!
  • Photos are TOTALLY free, but donations will be accepted for Moonsong Malamute Rescue!

Habitat Veterinary Hospital is located at 3101 E Barber Valley Drive, Boise ID

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