If you, someone you know, or someone maybe you've just read about on the internet has ever needed a "match" for a transplant, and that person was an Idahoan--things just got a whole lot better.

Located right here in Boise, the Saint Lukes Mountain States Tumor Institute has announced it will officially be the very first location in the state of Idaho that can accept donations for the nation-wide "Be The Match" registry effort.

If an illness or injury that has called for a blood and / or marrow transplant has never hit your family, it's pretty easy to have no idea just how difficult finding that "match" can be. Now, the Boise area has access to stem cells and transplants that patients in the past, had to travel for. In fact, the closest place to have stem cells collected was previously in Salt Lake City, Utah or Seattle, Washington.

Now, locals in need of transplants--should a match arise locally--don't need to travel across the West.

To learn about the life saving program, click HERE.


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